anthracite aluminium decking
Slip-resistant decking suitable for all weathers

Here at Ecodek we pride ourselves on the quality and beauty of our products. However, looks aren’t everything and ensuring the safety of our customers is just as high on our agenda when it comes to designing our wood composite deck boards. We will never profess to sell non-slip decking, as this is misleading – and dangerous. But what we do offer is highly slip-resistant decking, which provides a low potential for slippage in both wet and dry conditions.

Unlike timber, which can become extremely treacherous in wet weather, our wood composite boards have been specifically designed to be highly slip-resistant. They have a clever textured surface which prevents the formation of pools of water by breaking water tension and allowing it to run off, whilst providing good contact between feet and decking. This feature means our boards will not attract mould or lichen, which can be the downfall of timber decking.

Testing, testing

To ensure our decking ranges are as slip-resistant as possible, we subject them to rigorous testing with all our decking profiles being tested to the BS7976-2:2002 standard. Results from these tests show that our wood composite decking exceeds expectations what it comes to slip-resistant specifications. For our customers, this means our decking is comfortable and secure underfoot, providing peace of mind that you will be safe and stable in all weathers.

Maintaining minimum maintenance

We have worked hard to create highly slip-resistant wood composite decking ranges which not only looking stunning, but also have safety at their heart. However, you can also play your part by keeping your decking clear of debris. Wood composite decking is very easy to maintain, requiring only the occasional sweep and rinse with warm water to keep it looking its best. However, by keeping your decking clean and clear you are also helping to prevent the build up of mould and other debris which can cause slip hazards.

So although we cannot offer you completely non-slip wood composite decking, we can provide high quality, beautiful, slip-resistant decking that is built to last – and all provided by a company you can trust.