light grey composite decking boards
Looking forward – our predictions for 2023 trends

Many of us are using our outside spaces much more as we spend a greater amount of time at home for both work and leisure. As such, ‘garden design trends’ are becoming just as popular as ‘interior design trends’, as we all look to create useable, yet beautiful outdoor areas. So we thought we would take a look at some of trends we think will be popular in 2023:


Creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious garden is a high priority for many of us. This can be achieved through myriad ways, from choosing bee-friendly plants to encourage pollinating insects into your garden and planting hedges to enable wildlife to roam freely, to choosing sustainably produced garden furniture and accessories – and this is where Ecodek can help.

Our range of wood composite decking boards are the ideal alternative to traditional timber. Manufactured from 95% recycled and sustainably sourced materials and 100% recyclable, our composite boards require no treatments or paints, which reduces the amount of potential harmful pollutants escaping into the air, and will last for up to 40 years – a lot longer than wooden decking.

Ecodek boards can also be used to create seating, tables, planters, and fences, helping you to achieve a truly sustainable, yet stylish garden.

Bringing the outside in

Open plan living is a trend we predict will continue throughout 2023. This trend, which amalgamates the kitchen, dining, and living areas, usually also features large doors helping to ‘bring the outside in’ and extending the living area to the outside.

To create a true ‘inside out’ feel in your home, complementing your indoor and outdoor flooring is key. Whether this is in style or colour, matching your floors will help the indoor ‘flow’ into the out and create a sense of space.

Ecodek’s wide range of colours and styles means there will be a wood composite board to complement your home, enabling you to create your own ‘indoor, outdoor’ trend.

Personalised colours and style

Trends will come and go, but when it comes to designing an outdoor space, personalisation is central to any creation, whether you are looking for a relaxing, stylish space in which to entertain, or a practical area in which to cultivate your plant creations. This is a trend we believe will never go out of fashion!

Here at Ecodek, we want to help you create the garden of your dreams, which is why we offer our wood composite decking boards in a wide variety of styles, colours, and finishes. Whether you want a neutral finish to blend beautifully into the background, or a contemporary pop of colour to really stand out, we have your perfect decking partner.

If you’re looking to jump on any of these trends for 2023, or wanting to create your own, but need a bit more information or inspiration, call our friendly knowledgeable team today on 01978 667 840 or email