Ecodek Sustainable Composite Decking

Sustainability is at the heart of both Ecodek’s name and ethos. Since its inception over 20 years ago as a manufacturer of wood composite decking, Ecodek has taken sustainability – which was only a ‘buzz word’ in the industry back then – and embedded it into the core of its manufacturing and business processes.

From the very beginning Ecodek was a true pioneer in the process of taking post-consumer waste, in the form of plastic milk cartons, mixing it with sustainably sourced wood fibres, and creating a truly eco-friendly composite material. Processes and products have evolved since then, but Ecodek remains true to its roots, manufacturing sustainable products, using materials from sustainable sources.

Behind these processes and products, is a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable experts, who work hard to ensure sustainability is instilled at every stage of each business process. We wanted to find out what Ecodek’s sustainability meant to them, so we posed the question to a few of our team members to find out:

“Ecodek does exactly what it says on the tin! As both recycled and recyclable, ecodek boards are environmentally friendly and provide an ethically eco-friendly alternative to garden landscaping.

“Manufactured in the UK, Ecodek products are not hauled across the world’s oceans, harming vital sea life, thus leaving minimal footprint on the planet. The result of Ecodek’s sustainable production processes means the customer receives a high-quality product with a reliable warranty and environmental peace of mind.”

Angela Hind

Sales Manager

“Ecodek has always pushed for sustainability. Our wood comes from sustainable and certified forests, which allows us to manufacture products to PEFC standards. Alongside this we used recycled polymer in our production process, which helps keep plastic waste from landfill. All these combined makes for a carbon-negative product! In addition, the life expectancy of Ecodek products is far greater than any timber product, therefore it does not need to be replaced on a regular basis.

“All this not only helps Ecodek as a business, but me as an individual, know that Ecodek is doing the right thing for the environment, and a sustainable future.”

Rob Morgan

Operations Manager

“Customers often comment on how good it is to see a local company here in the UK being able to offer a product that is sustainable and has not travelled to the ends of the earth to get here, only to end up in a tip at the end of its life. They very much like the idea that we are able to offer a product that can be recycled and reused again – a concept that has gained traction since the UK left Europe.”

Paul Birkill

Trade Sales Advisor

“I am extremely proud to work for Ecodek as all our products are manufactured using a carbon negative process. All materials are also 100% recyclable, meaning we can have a positive rather than a negative effect on the planet. This is what makes us champions of sustainability.”

Steve Armstrong

Sales Executive

It is clear to see that from sales to operations to manufacturing, sustainability is a fundamental philosophy which underpins all business decisions, in addition to being a significant personal consideration for our team members. Going forward we aim to continue our sustainability journey, providing our customers with products that are not only high quality but also kind to the environment whilst working as a team to create a truly sustainable future for our business.