light brown composite decking

Decking to suit today's demands - timber or composite decking?

The popularity of decking has grown exponentially over the past few years, with many homeowners seeing it as an attractive alternative to patio paving. This increase in interest has led to an influx of different designs being introduced to the market, which can make choosing the right decking solution difficult.

The first, and probably most important decision you need to make is from which material the decking should be manufactured. There are two main options available, timber and wood composite. Timber has long been the traditional, and only, choice, but the development of high-quality wood composite decking now means there is another viable option open to you, as Jessica Brown, our Digital Marketing Manager explains:

Looks and longevity combined

“Unlike its timber counterpart, Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) decking, particularly solid WPC decking, is extremely long lasting. Designed to be durable and strong, it can withstand any weather without rotting or splitting. This means the integrity of the board is protected from the elements, such as rain which can cause water ingress, which helps to maintain the board’s strength and looks.  In addition to aiding longevity and preserving appearance, this durability also makes WPC decking safer underfoot.

Safety first

“Over time natural wood can rot and splinter meaning timber decking can become uneven and rough. It also tends to become slippery during the colder, wetter months and when combined, these elements can make for an unsafe surface. Wood composite decking has been specifically designed with safety in mind, being both splinter and slip resistant regardless of weather conditions. Being confident underfoot means you can use your composite decking all year round, enabling you to make the most of your investment.

More time to enjoy

“Having time to enjoy your garden is important. The constant maintenance required by timber decking can be both costly and time consuming. From cleaning to regular treatments, wood decking needs constant monitoring to ensure performance and safety, and this can often take the enjoyment out of gardening.

“Wood composite decking requires very little upkeep, with only the occasional wash needed to keep it looking like new. This means you can spend more time enjoying your garden rather than working in it, and you are guaranteed a decked area that will look its best all year round, for many years to come.

A style to suit

“In addition to being maintenance free, safe, and long lasting, wood polymer composite decking is available in a much wider variety of styles and colours than its timber equivalent. From natural timber-like boards in neutral tones to more modern sleek designs in contemporary grey or black, there is a WPC decking system to suit your home.

Supporting sustainability

“Sustainability is now important to many homeowners when it comes to choosing products for their gardens – and although timber decking seems to be the obvious sustainable choice, it may surprise many of you to hear that wood composite decking can be the most environmentally sound option when choosing decking. Not only does it not require any harmful treatments, which are then released into the atmosphere, but boards such as those manufactured by Ecodek can be recycled repeatedly and are made from up to 95 percent recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Here at Ecodek, we also offer a variety of board widths and lengths, as well as a ‘cut to order’ service, which helps to eliminate waste and reduce our environmental impact even further.

“For many homeowners only real timber will do. However, if longevity, safety, and sustainability are prerequisites for you when choosing decking, it is worth considering wood composite as an extremely viable and attractive alternative.”

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