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Ecodek Answer Your Top 5 Frequently Asked Aluminium Decking Questions

Adek has been designed, engineered and evaluated by a cross-functional team of technical manufacturing experts at Ecodek and parent company Epwin Group PLC, who have a long established reputation for supplying decking into commercial high-rise buildings. We therefore have a wealth of knowledge in-house to help meet your needs and answer any questions you may have around the subject of aluminium decking.

As we receive similar questions from our customers on a frequent basis, we thought that we would do a roundup of the top five questions we get asked the most to help you understand the advantages of using aluminium decking in your next project.

1. Why Is Aluminium Used For Balcony Decking?

Aluminium is classed as a fire-resistant material and will not contribute to the perpetuation of fire. Not only is it non-combustible, aluminium is also highly resistant to forms of corrosion. The metals natural coating of aluminium oxide provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture and chemical attack. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for balcony decking especially in buildings over 18m in height where all materials used in the building envelope, are required by law, to be non-combustible.

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2. Can Aluminium Decking Be Used In Buildings Over 18m In Height?

As of November 2018, it became a legal requirement for any building materials incorporated into the envelope of a high rise building, exceeding 18 meters in height, to be non-combustible. Under BS EN 13501-1, the fire classification procedure for all construction products incorporated within building elements, any product that is classified in the A1 and A2 classes are non-combustible materials.

Both our Adek Comfort and Enhanced Grip ranges have achieved the classification of A2fl-s1 and therefore meet all of the safety requirements for high rise balconies, roof terraces and walkways.

3. How Slip Resistant Is Adek Aluminium Decking?

All Adek systems whether Comfort Grip or Enhanced Grip have an excellent level of slip resistance. The boards’ powder coat finish is formulated to provide good contact between footwear or bare feet and the deck surface.

Both the Adek Comfort Grip and Enhanced Grip boards have been tested in accordance with HSE guidelines and are categorized as having low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions. The Enhanced Grip range of boards offer a 15% increase in grip in dry conditions and 20% increase in grip in wet conditions, over and above Comfort Grip due to its low profile raised ridge. So for maximum slip resistance, Adek Enhanced Grip is the answer!

aluminium balcony decking
4. Does Aluminium Decking Get Hot In Direct Sunlight?

Like most decking materials in direct sunlight, aluminium decking will absorb and retain some heat. However, it retains less heat than either timber or composite decking because of the inherent properties of aluminium which enable it to disperse heat much quicker.

5. Does Aluminium Decking Require Maintenance Like Timber Decking?

Aluminium decking is a very low maintenance product and like with any other decking should be brushed down regularly with a soft broom. We do advise that you clean your Adek aluminium decking system, with a mild soap solution at least every 6 months to minimize the build up of organic matter.

If you have any further questions, or would like to order a sample of our Adek aluminium decking, get in touch with a member of our team!