Composite decking colours - how to choose the best decking colour for you

Whether you’re considering a new composite decked area for your garden or are looking to replace existing decking that has become worn, choosing the right colour can be a bit overwhelming.  We want to inspire you to choose a colour that complements both your garden and your home, so here are a few tips to help you with your decision.

Natural inspiration

A decked area can be a focal point of a garden, or you may want it to blend into the background and allow the surrounding foliage to do the talking.

If you want plants, flowers, trees, or a ‘statement’ wall to be the focus of your garden, choose a subtle colour, such as a light, natural brown decking or light grey. This will allow the encircling flora or adjacent wall or fence to take centre stage.

However, a darker colour, such as black or anthracite grey decking, can also create the perfect backdrop for bright flowers and foliage, allowing them to really stand out against the dark decking colour.

If your garden is a nature paradise and you want your new composite decking to complement this environment, choose a natural brown decking, in a light or dark colour. This will ensure it blends beautifully into the background and does not jar against the natural tones of its surroundings.

A final tip is to ensure your decking tones with other hard landscaping in your garden. For example, you may have a paved pathway or stone border. By tonally matching your decked area to these other features, you will create a more coherent and visually attractive outside space.

light brown composite decking

Harmonise with your home

As well as considering the design of your garden, you should also look at the design and colour of your home when choosing a decking colour.

If your decked area is adjacent to your home, it is a good idea to choose a colour that matches the interior floor, whether this is light or dark grey, black, or light or dark brown. This can help create a sense of space by bringing the outside in and vice versa.

Another idea is to harmonise your decking with your home’s window and door frames, especially if you have bi-fold or patio doors leading out onto your deck. For example, anthracite grey decking is the perfect match for a house with grey doors and window frames, creating a co-ordinated, contemporary feel.

Alternatively, you can create a complete contrast. For example, if your house is white, why not consider a black decking area to make a real statement?

Whether you’re looking for decking that blends beautifully into the background or really stands out, the best first step is to order a few samples. This will give you an idea of a deck boards true colour and enable you to see it in situ against your home and in your garden.

If you’re still not sure of which route to take, let us provide you with a little bit of inspiration.