Dark brown solid composite decking

Sustainable, Stylish, Safe – Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space With Ecodek

All of us have spent more time at home over the past year and for those lucky enough to own an outside space, it has become a haven – a place to relax in, to escape to and, more recently, an area in which to entertain friends and family.  This has led many of us to invest more significantly in our gardens, courtyards or balconies, with the aim of creating practical yet beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy both now and in the future.

These renovations will often feature elegant entertainment areas or wandering walkways but choosing the best material with which to create these stylish spaces can be confusing.  Timber decking is an attractive option, but its cost, high maintenance requirements, and tendency to weather badly, means many people do not pursue the garden of their dreams.  Wood composite decking could be the answer.

Wood polymer composite offers all the beauty of timber, but with the added benefits of being rot and split resistant, low maintenance, splinter free and slip resistant, resulting in a long-lasting, beautiful, and safe decking solution.

Ecodek has been manufacturing wood polymer composite decking for over 17 years and during that time we have developed beautiful, sustainable ranges of decking, with a style and colour to suit every taste.

Black solid composite decking

Composite boards to blend beautifully into any background

The Heritage range has an attractive wood grain appearance, which provides a natural, rustic finish that will not stain, warp, split or flake.  The boards are available in five neutral colours making them perfect for any style of outdoor space.

Our Signature range features reversible ribbed and grooved decking, which offers a unique finish.  The range comes in five modern shades, Pebble Grey; Slate Grey; Dark Brown; Light Brown; and Black making it the ideal choice for contemporary homes.

Both the Heritage and Signature ranges comprise non-capped solid wood polymer composite boards, the manufacturing process of which allows us to offer unique finishes such as reversible ribbed and grooved on the Signature range and the embossed timber grain on the Heritage.

Slate grey composite decking

Reaching the peak

In addition to the Heritage and Signature ranges, we have launched two new designs, Peaks and Parks. The Peaks decking range features a sleek wood grain effect and three-sided external capping which provides an additional barrier to the elements and prevents fading and staining. Available in two natural shades, Snowdon (dark grey) and Nevis (light grey), the Peaks decking range is perfect for those looking for an organic finish.

The Parks range offers the same classic finish as the Peaks, and also comes with the external capping. This range is available in two timeless colours, Exmoor (grey) and Dartmoor (dark brown), each creating a multi-tonal finish that will blend seamlessly into any outdoor space.  Both the Peaks and Parks ranges supported by 30- and 40-year warranties respectively, providing additional peace of mind.

Ecodek Grey Capped Composite Decking

“Interest in wood composite decking has increased significantly over the past few years, as customers learn more about its benefits over traditional timber,” explains Jessica Brown, Digital Marketing Manager at Ecodek.  “Low maintenance, longevity, increased safety and sustainability have all been cited as reasons for choosing our decking over its natural alternative.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Ecodek does. All our products are made from 95 percent recycled and sustainably sourced raw materials and are 100 percent recyclable.  We strive to maintain this culture of sustainability throughout all our business processes and have achieved a ‘carbon negative’ status for the production of our composite decking. We are also currently working towards a Zero to Landfill policy.”

Jessica concludes: “Here at Ecodek we are working constantly to ensure our products deliver in terms of quality and sustainability, as well as being beautiful to look at. We want to provide our customers with the widest choice possible, and with the introduction of our new Peaks and Parks range, we can now offer a decking solution for every style of home.”