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How Do You Maintain Composite Decking?

Ecodek has been designed to be a very low maintenance product, and with our industry leading warranties, it is a system that will last in your outdoor space for years to come. To keep your decking in top tip condition, we recommend that you follow the simple points below. It is advised that you follow this process at least twice a year.

How to clean composite decking

To clean your composite decking, we recommend Saicos to get rid of dirt and grime. To ensure you achieve the best possible results, we advise you follow the steps below:

  1. Remove all furniture and other items from the decked area.
  2. Sweep the decking to remove all leaves and other debris.
  3. Clean all debris from gaps between boards to allow for proper drainage.
  4. Make up the cleaning solution as directed on the bottle and apply to the surface of the decking using a soft mop, or very soft nylon bristle brush, and gently work into the surface. Allow the solution to site for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Go over the surface again with any remaining solution and immediately rinse off the solution using a garden hosepipe ensuring all the solution is removed.
  6. Do not be tempted to use a jet wash. Using our recommended WPC cleaner and a common garden hose is more than enough to clean and restore your Ecodek decking and you may risk damaging the deck surface due to the high pressure some jet wash machines can produce.
  7. Let the decking fully dry before putting any furniture and other accessories back.
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How to remove stains from composite decking

If you discover any difficult to remove stains, please contact our Technical Department for advice on how best to remove. Please do not use a jet wash or harsh chemicals as they may cause damage to the surface.

How to remove mold & fungal from composite decking

If you see dark spots on the surface of the deck, it may be the start of a mold/fungal infection. It is very important you apply an anti-fungal solution to the surface immediately to prevent any infection spreading.

Anti-fungal deck/patio washes are readily available from any DIY store, however we do recommend Simply Gone and Wet & Forget. For best results, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Whilst applying, please keep young children and pets away from the area that is being treated. Once the solution has dried the area will be safe to use as normal including after rainfall or washing of the surface.

Simply Gone or any other anti-fungal washes are harmful to aquatic life and must not be allowed to enter ponds and any other water system. Be kind to the environment and store any remaining solution until needed.

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How to remove snow and ice from composite decking

If the winter weather has left your decking slippery or ice covered, use sodium chloride (table salt) to remove the snow/ice.

Can I put flowerpots on my composite decking?

Flowerpots can create potential problems with staining when sitting directly on the deck. Minerals from the soil and fertilizer can end up leaving a white discoloration on the deck. We recommend using a plant stand to enable air flow underneath.

Can I put furniture on my composite decking?

All items regularly left on the decking can impact on the weathering that the boards receive. We recommend that all items of furniture are regularly moved to allow for more evenly distributed weathering.

If you have any further questions regarding how to care and maintain your composite decking, get in touch with a member of our Technical Team who are always on hand to support.