light brown composite substructure

What lies beneath – super, strong, secure sub-structures perfectly suited to your project

When embarking on a decking project it is all too easy to get carried away with choosing what goes on the surface and overlook what lies beneath. A deck is only as good as its supporting structure so it’s imperative to get this right first time.

A safe, sound and secure sub-structure

Timber is the most obvious choice of material for your new sub-structure. However, as with wood decking, your timber base will need frequent treatments to protect it from the elements and require regular maintenance checks to ensure it remains safe and secure. Traditionally, timber was also the most cost-effective option, however due to increased demand and reduced supply, the cost of timber has risen, and composite materials are now a comparable price.

In comparison, composite joists require very little maintenance and will help to protect the longevity of your installation by keeping the decking system safe against the elements. Here at Ecodek, our team has expertly designed composite decking joists to complement our range of decking boards, providing style as well protection.

We offer two different options, Low Profile and Super Stiff, ensuring you will have the right composite decking support joist to suit your deck’s location and surroundings.

Keeping a 'Low Profile'

Our Low Profile composite joists are ideal for installations where a lower threshold needs to be met – although we do recommend no less than an 80mm void underneath the decking. Useful for all applications, especially locations where the base area is damp or sited near to exposed damp or wet areas, our Low Profile option will combat any rising damp and subsequently protect the decked area above.

'Super Stiff' support

Working in tandem with our pedestals or packers, our Super Stiff composite joists create a solid sub-frame for your decking boards to sit upon. Similar to our Low-Profile decking joists in terms of protecting your decking from the elements, our Super Stiff joists are also suitable for use in several different locations. The main difference is that they are larger in height and available in several different colours, including Slate Grey, Pebble Grey, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Black, to match your deck.

More than meets the eye

In addition to creating a sound, secure sub-structure for decking projects, did you know our Super Stiff joists can also be used for a variety of other applications?  From benches, tables, and plant pots to raised beds, bins and shelters, Super Stiff can be used to create a number of garden accessories or ‘street furniture’ – all you need is a little bit of imagination!

Quality guaranteed

Both our Low Profile and Super Stiff sub-structures come with an industry leading guarantee, so whatever you choose to do with your wood composite joists, you will have the confidence and peace of mind that you’re working with only the highest quality product.

For further information about our Low Profile and Super Stiff composite joists and which one is best suited to your project, call our knowledgeable team today who will provide expert advice and guidance.