Strength, style and affordability - the beauty of scalloped decking boards

You may be familiar with the terms ‘solid decking board’ and ‘hollow decking board’ and the differences between the two. But have you heard of ‘scalloped’ decking boards?

What lies beneath

Here at Ecodek, we know that what lies beneath is just as important as what is on the surface. That is why, until now, all our wood composite decking ranges comprise of solid composite decking boards. Solid decking boards offer strength, durability, stability, and longevity. However, these characteristics do usually mean that solid decking boards are at the higher end of the pricing scale.

We want to make wood composite decking boards available to everyone, regardless of budget, but without customers having to compromise on quality. The result is our new Essentials range, which features an innovative scalloped composite board.

Affordability without compromise

This unique board has been manufactured from the same high-quality 95% recycled and sustainably sourced material as our other ranges, but its internal structure is slightly different. Rather than being completely solid, this board has two channels running down its centre. This means that less material is used in the manufacturing process, hence the more affordable price of £7.50 per metre*, but the board still retains its integrity.

Unlike its hollow counterparts, which are completely void inside offering very little strength, a scalloped board has ‘pillars’ running throughout its internal structure, providing support and strength where it’s needed most. This, combined with a high quality, stylish finish, makes a scalloped board, such as Ecodek’s Essentials, a viable composite decking board choice.

You can see this quality and strength for yourself by requesting your free sample of our Essentials board. Alternatively, if you would like to chat to one our friendly experts about whether a scalloped wood composite board would suit your requirements, call Ecodek on 01978 667 840 today.

* Including vat