black composite decking

How much does composite decking really cost?

‘How much is composite decking?’ is a question we get asked often and the answer can vary.

The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is a commonly used phrase which intimates that the more you pay for a product, the better quality it will be. However, there will always be a need to provide products at various price points, but does this mean that those more affordable products should be of a lesser quality?

Here at Ecodek we understand the need to be able to offer an array of decking solutions to suit all budgets. However, we do not want to stray from our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality, most sustainable decking solutions possible – we believe we have achieved that balance.

Choice without compromise

Wood composite decking is an investment and as such we know that customers want to make sure they are getting the best product for their money. We also understand that there are many customers whose budget does not stretch to the high end, luxurious decking ranges – but this should not mean they should have to compromise on quality.

There are many cheaper options on the market, where their price does reflect their quality. However, here at Ecodek we believe we have been able to marry cost and quality to create a variety of ranges to suit all budgets.

Sound foundations

Regardless of price, each range features slip resistant, low maintenance, splinter free, rot and splinter resistant wood composite decking boards. These common features provide a safe, comfortable, and durable decking solution regardless of which range you choose. The key difference – and the reason we can offer a variety of prices – is the way in which the boards are constructed. All are manufactured using 95% sustainably sourced and recycled materials, but there are subtle differences.

An Essential addition

Essentials is the most affordable range we offer, with prices starting at just £7.20 per linear metre. It is based on our highly popular Signature AT range, but slight variations have enabled us to offer it at a lower cost.

Firstly, whilst Signature AT is reversible with a ribbed finish on one side and a grooved surface on the other, Essentials only has the grooved finish. Secondly, the internal structure of an Essentials decking board is scalloped – rather than solid – which is a unique construction that features two channels running through the centre of the board. In turn, this creates two ‘pillars’ which provide support and strength where it’s needed most.

Overall, the distinctive construction, which requires less material, and finish of the Essentials board has helped us bring an affordable, yet high quality decking solution to market. Also, despite its affordability, the Essentials range is supported by a 10-year guarantee, which demonstrates our confidence in its quality and durability.

The signature of quality

Ecodek’s Heritage and Signature AT ranges of wood composite decking boards both feature solid, wood-effect decking boards. Their solid construction and wider choice of finishes puts these ranges in a slightly higher price bracket than Essentials, with both starting from £10.80 per linear metre.

Whilst Essentials has a scalloped internal construction, both Heritage and Signature AT contain solid wood composite decking boards. This makes them extremely strong, hard wearing, and durable. Their realistic finish enables homeowners to create a decked area to rival any timber alternative.

The price increase is also reflected in the guarantee, with both Heritage and Signature AT being supported by a 25-year warranty.

The prestigious peak

Peaks and Parks are Ecodek’s prestige ranges, and their price reflect this. Both feature solid, capped, contemporary wood composite boards available in two modern multi tonal colour ways, enabling customers to create a luxurious looking decked area.

The Peaks and Parks ranges are priced at £13.91 and £11.99 per linear metre respectively, but with their stain and fade resistant finish, and 40-year (Peaks) and 30-year (Parks) warranties, these composite decking boards are built to last.

So, how much is composite decking?

As you now know, composite decking can vary greatly in price. Here at Ecodek, we have worked hard to create a comprehensive range of wood composite decking to suit every style and every budget, whilst remaining true to our ethos of quality and sustainability – and we believe we have achieved this.

From Essentials to Parks and Peaks, we now have a range that allows you to create the decked area of your dreams, regardless of your budget and without having to compromise on quality.

Further information about our extensive range of wood composite decking can be found on our website or by calling 01978 667 840.