Composite decking is extremely versatile. It can help you transform your garden into a haven of happiness or a hive of activity. Here are a few ways you can use composite decking to create a garden which is as unique as you.

Use multiple colours of composite decking boards

Colour can help you create a calm, relaxing atmosphere, a sophisticated, stylish ambience, or a bright, vibrant environment. Composite decking comes in an array of different tones, from natural light wood and dark oak, to contemporary grey and black. Lighter shades will help create a sense of space and airiness, whilst darker colours will produce a more intimate, cosy feeling. Combine either with brightly coloured walls, plant pots and flowers, to evoke a sense of the Mediterranean.

Paint your surroundings to match

Decorating your surroundings to either complement or clash with your composite decking, is another way of easily transforming your garden.

Harmonising surrounding walls or fences with the colour of your decking will extend the sense of space, whilst a contradicting colour will create an eye-catching centre piece. Plant pots, plants, flowers, benches, and decorative wall hangings can also be used to add complementary or contrasting colour statements.

Use levels in your composite decking

If your garden is not flat, composite decking is ideal for creating levels and platforms. Easy to install and ideal for any surface, composite decking can make even the most unusable space, usable. Create individual areas in which to relax and entertain, each with its own distinct style or all complementing each other to form a coherent, flowing outside space.

Add a pathway to your composite deck

Composite decking boards can be used in myriad ways. Why not use yours to create a pathway, leading from your home to your decked area? Not only is this highly practical, but it will help to create a coordinated yet stylish finish to your garden.

Use multiple styles of composite deck boards

As well as experimenting with different colours, why not try using different styles of composite decking? This could be creating a path in one style of decking and a deck in another or using a different design of composite decking to create benches and plant pots. Using different styles of deck boards can help to create texture and interest in your garden, whilst also differentiating different zones of your outdoor space.

How Ecodek can help you style your garden

Our range of composite decking will help set your creativity free. With a wide variety of styles and colours available, you will be able to make your garden dream a reality. As well as transforming the look and feel of your outside space, Ecodek composite deck boards are sustainably produced, extremely durable, slip and split resistant, and easy to look after, making them the sustainable, safe, and stylish choice.

All our boards are of a solid composition, which not only means they are of a superior quality, but the boards do not have to fixed in a specific place when being installed. This allows you, or your installer, to ‘hide’ fixtures and fittings rather than having them on show and ‘breaking’ up your composite board. This can help create the illusion of length and space.

We believe our composite deck boards are of the highest quality and will complement any outdoor area, but we also know composite decking is an investment. As such, we offer a free sample service that allows you to see your chosen decking in situ before deciding.

For more information or to ask any questions you may have about our composite decking range, call our experienced sales team today on 01978 667 840.