composite lumber

The many uses for composite decking

Obviously composite decking is specifically designed to be used underfoot, providing you with the perfect outdoor place to relax and entertain. But did you know that composite decking can be used in other ways?

With a little bit of imagination – and some skill – you can transform your composite decking into a number of other stylish features.

Fantastic composite fencing

Firstly, why not try using your composite decking vertically rather than horizontally?  By doing this, you can create a feature wall that will blend beautifully with your underfoot decking.

Beautiful composite benches

By joining long pieces of composite decking to shorter sections, you can build yourself a comfortable bench. This can either be freestanding or attached to the wall around your decked area to create a beautiful bench. Use the same composite decking as your decked area or choose a contrasting colour to make a seating statement. Do ensure your bench or seat is safe and secure before you use it.

Terrific composite tables

A table is always handy when relaxing outside – whether it’s a small drinks table to place next to your chair or a larger version which can be used for dining and entertaining. Whichever design of table you choose, you may be able to use your composite decking to help you create it. Combining long decking pieces with shorter sections you can build a bench style table or with a selection of identical length composite decking boards you can construct a ‘box’ design table.

Perfect composite planters

Another use for your composite decking boards is to create planters for your flowers and foliage. By building a simple square or rectangle box with an open top, you can build the perfect planter for your decked area. You could use the same composite decking as your decked area or choose a completely different colour to create a stylish contrast.

Whatever you choose to do with your composite decking, there are a few things to remember:

  • Measure correctly – always try to measure as accurately as possible. This will help reduce waste and ensure your project is successful.
  • Do your research – if you’re planning on building a table, fence, seat, or planter with composite decking yourself do your research first. This will help your project run more smoothly and hopefully result in a beautiful, decked addition to your garden.
  • Ask for advice – if you’re unsure about any aspect of your project or have any concerns always ask for advice before continuing.
  • Safety first – whatever you are creating from your composite decking, please make sure that it is completely safe before you use it. Composite decking is long lasting and hard wearing, but you need to make sure your handy work is the same.

If you need any help with your upcoming project, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help!