When buying your new composite decking, it is important to also remember what goes beneath. Your decking will only be as solid as the foundation on which it sits, so ensuring your deck frame is strong and durable is critical.

What is a composite decking framework?

A composite decking framework is what lies underneath your decking, providing a base on which it can sit. As you can’t see this frame, it is tempting to cut corners and opt for the most cost- effective option. However, the quality of your frame will affect your decking – its durability, its safety, and its longevity.

This is where a composite decking frame can really make a difference.

What materials are suitable for a decking base?

There are a few different materials from which decking frames can be made.


Wood is one of the most popular materials used in the manufacturer of decking frameworks. However, although initially robust, wood can warp and rot over time, causing the frame to become unstable and unsafe. Wood also requires regular treatments to protect it and keep it strong, but once under your decking it becomes harder to access.


Composite is a mixture of different elements – here at Ecodek, our frames are wood polymer composite made from 95% recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Wood composite requires no treatments to protect it from the elements and is rot and splinter resistant. This makes composite the perfect material for your next decking framework.

Utilising a composite decking support frame

Our composite frames are the same as our decking solutions – they have been specifically designed to be easy to handle and easy to install. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, it should be simple to fit your new composite deck frame. However, if unsure, it is always best to employ the services of an expert to ensure a professional finish.

How Ecodek can help you with your composite decking

Here at Ecodek we live and breath wood composite decking solutions. As such our expert team can offer guidance and advice on how best to achieve the deck of your dreams – from foundation to board.

To talk to our team in more detail about your new decking framework, call 01978 667 840.