Light brown composite decking

How To Repair Marks & Scratches on Ecodek’s Heritage & Signature Composite Decking

Composite decking is a fantastic alternative to timber in the sense that it provides protection against rot and fungal decay and anti-splinter technology. Composite decking is a very low maintenance material, and only requires minimal cleaning to help preserve its fresh appearance.

However, as composite decking is a flooring product, it is natural that scrapes and scratches are going to occur over the years.

Light scratches and scuffs

In the majority of cases, marks and scratches will blend in with the rest of the surface through weathering over time, and we therefore advise to leave the composite decking alone for a few months until they become unnoticeable.

Deep scratches and scuffs

If the scratches or scuffs are a little deeper, but not fully through the top surface, a walnut can be used to help blend the marks until weathering has taken place. Please note, we only advise that a natural, raw walnut should be used, and do not advise the use of extracted walnut oil or any other oil for scratch removal.

Gently rub the flesh of the walnut over the affected area and allow the natural oil to soak into the scratch. Try not to get the oil over too large an area as it will make the surface extremely slippery. Once the oil has been applied, it should fully weather off within a few weeks, after which time the scratches will be almost unnoticeable. This process can be reapplied if necessary without causing any issues/damage to the board.

We do not advise the use of sandpaper on any of our composite decking boards.


If the boards have serious gouges in them, please contact us for a possible replacement.

For further care and maintenance information on our Heritage & Signature ranges, please visit our technical hub or get in touch with a member of our team.