How To Calculate How Much Decking You Need

Light grey decking landscape

It is fair to say we are currently blessed with almost perfect Spring weather. While the current situation surrounding COVID-19 is unusual, upsetting and unpleasant, being instructed to “stay home” couldn’t come at a nicer time of year here in the UK…

If you have found yourself looking at your garden more recently, perhaps you’ve been thinking about a landscaping project? If you want to update your current decking or patio area, here are some tips for measuring up for an Ecodek deck – something we get asked to give guidance on a lot!

WAY back in 2012 we wrote a blog on this very subject, take a look at this from the vault:

To be honest the same theory applies when measuring up for our Signature AT and HD bespoke length boards.

If you were looking at using our wood grain Heritage boards, these come in 3.6m lengths as standard. Using the theory in the blog post, all you would then need to do to make a calculation on quantities for these is divide the overall linear meterage of the decking by 3.6m to calculate the number of boards you need! Simples!

Don’t forget you can complement the outstanding quality of your Ecodek decking project by using our composite joists.

Again – a simple formula will help work out your quantities:

1m2 area of decking requires 3.5 linear metres of substructure, then divide the liner meterage of substructure by the length (for example 3.6m Low Profile Bearers). Based on the calculations in the blog above, the deck area on 24m2 would require 24 lengths of bearer at 3.6m.

So if you have found yourself at home with a little more time on your hands than usual, why not whip out your tape measure, lick the top of a pencil and try to work out your own decking requirement? Lots of handy tips can also be found on the Installation Pages on the website, too.

We always cast an eye over the materials requested based on the standard formulas listed – if in doubt, just get in touch!