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Give Your Garden Some TLC With A Little Help From Ecodek Composite Decking

Navigating the pandemic has been a challenge for many of us. However, one positive that has emerged is a new-found appreciation for the outdoors, especially for the space that is right outside our front doors.

Here at Ecodek, we have seen an increase in enquiries as homeowners look to make the most of their outdoor space. However, transforming your garden needn’t be expensive or time consuming.

Weeding, tidying, and sweeping can give your garden, courtyard, or balcony a new lease of life, whilst planting new flowers or shrubs can add colour and interest. However, remember to do some research before buying your new plants, for example, will they be in the ground or a pot? Will they be in shade or full sunlight? Do you want annuals or perennials?  This research, as well as asking an expert, will help you choose the right plants for your garden and lifestyle.

Another small change you could make is to paint your fences. This will not only help them to last longer but will also add a point of interest to your garden – whether you choose a natural tone to blend into the background, or a more contemporary colour that really stands out.

Black composite decking in garden

However, if you want your transformation to make a real impact, then adding a decked area could be the answer. Whether a place to relax, entertain or put your new potted plants, wood composite decking is a long lasting, easy to maintain and attractive option.

When planning your new decking area it is important to consider its location.  Are you a sun worshipper or do you prefer to enjoy the summer from the shade? Your answer will help dictate where you decide to install your deck.

Once you’ve chosen the location, you need to select which design and colour of deck you desire. Wood composite decking is available in a range of traditional and modern shades, so whether you live in a country cottage, three story town house or bijou bungalow, there is a style to suit both you and your home.

Dark brown solid composite decking

Now, you just need to work out how much decking you require. This is very straightforward if your decking area is a square or rectangle shape. Firstly, work out how many metres the area is by length and width. You will need 7.2 linear meters of material to cover 1m², so divide the overall total of metres by the length of the boards you have chosen – and then you’re done! If you do not get an exact figure, simply round up.

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Jessica Brown explains why composite decking is the perfect addition to any outside area: “Wood composite decking is long lasting, slip resistance, splinter free, rot and split resistant and low maintenance. It is also a lot more eco-friendly and sustainable than many people may think. Our boards are made from 95 percent recycled and sustainable material and can be recycled themselves several times.  They also do not need any treatments or to be replaced as often as their timber counterparts, which also adds to their environmental credentials.

“To get the best out of your decking or to ensure you order the correct amount of boarding, talk to a reputable company, such as Ecodek, which will be able to advise on the best product for you and guide you through the purchase and installation process,” adds Jessica.