Black composite decking in garden

Outdoor entertaining trend set to continue despite end of the pandemic, according to Ecodek

2022 will see the continued popularity of outdoor living and entertaining at home, says Ecodek, the UK-based manufacturer of Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) decking.  It also predicts there will be a contemporary revolution and a sizable shift towards the sustainable, as Jessica Brown, Digital Marketing Manager at Ecodek, explains:

“If there is one positive point that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our newfound appreciation for the outdoors, especially the space right outside our own homes – and over the past few years this has led to many of us making improvements to our alfresco areas, whether that is a garden, balcony, or courtyard.

Bringing the outside in

“Despite the pandemic coming to an end, we believe this trend is set to continue, as many more homeowners now consider their gardens as an extension of their homes – an outdoor room – rather than a separate entity. This ongoing trend of bringing the outside in and vice versa, will lead to a rise in the number of people looking to low maintenance composite decking to fulfil their design dreams. In addition to its low maintenance requirements and ease of installation, composite decking is extremely versatile and available in a variety of styles, allowing inside aesthetics to easily flow to the outdoors.

Contemporary colours

“Unlike traditional timber, composite decking is available in an array of different colours, from natural to contemporary.  Although nature inspired tones will always be highly sought after, we believe the more modern shades, such as anthracite greys, dark blues, and blacks, will come more to the fore in 2022.

light grey composite decking

“This is partly due to the ongoing popularity of coloured window and door frames, and homeowners wanting their composite decking to complement these characteristics. However, it can also be attributed to a growing demand for more modern hard landscaping features in unique colours, as homeowners look to create a truly contemporary, yet timeless, outside space.

“This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is a great example of this. Very Peri is a vibrant blue-purple, the shade of which can be seen reflected in nature in flowers such as Lavenders and hydrangeas. Coloured composite decking, such as grey or black decking, is the perfect foil for these brightly toned plants and will help create the perfect contemporary appearance.

Sustainable simplicity

“Although aesthetics will be extremely important, we believe that sustainability will be a trend that continues to grow this year. Being able to trace materials and have the confidence that environmental credentials are being met will continue to be important considerations for consumers in 2022.

“Because of this, we foresee an increase in the number of people choosing maintenance free composite decking as they become more aware of its sustainable attributes compared to traditional timber. For example, Ecodek decking is made from 90 percent recycled or sustainably sourced materials and the decking itself is 100 percent recyclable. Also, wood composite decking does not require regular treatments which could release toxic fumes into the environment.

“Overall, we believe 2022 will be the year that we truly get to enjoy our outdoor areas with friends and family, and those outdoor spaces will be contemporary, sustainable, long lasting, and most importantly, safe.”

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