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Champions of Sustainability

At Ecodek, we believe that the recycling and reuse of waste materials is key to a truly sustainable future, which is why we promote a culture of sustainability throughout the core of our business.

Recyclable Decking System

Ecodek is a wood polymer composite decking system that is made from recycled polymer and sustainably sourced wood. It is a sustainable, low maintenance alternative to timber and is used in a wide range of construction applications. We take pride in the fact that we make some of the highest quality products in the industry while our production processes have a very low impact on the environment.

Ecodek is a robust system manufactured in the UK. It is a wood polymer composite (WPC), which means that it is made from a blend of sustainably sourced wood flour and recycled HDPE polymer. The material composition is approximately 55% wood fibres and 45% high-density polyethylene recycled plastic milk bottles (HDPE).

Ecodek composite boards are solid in cross-section and do not have the weaker, open core structure associated with many poorer quality products. We are so sure of Ecodek’s quality that we back it with a 25-year warranty against structural failure. The boards are also fully recyclable, and 100% of any material that is returned to us, or products that are rejected under our quality control system, are recycled back into production.

Ecodek is supplied through a Chain of Custody process that provides full traceability for all our products. The process records the entire path between the ‘forest gate’ and the end user, including the intermediate stages of manufacture, storage, sales and distribution. Our environmental stewardship means that we work with our supply partners in developing the sustainable and responsibly sourced materials that go into our products. Our production techniques lead the industry with their ground breaking sustainability and we have a strong commitment to local biodiversity work.

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Carbon Negative Manufacturing Facility

The manufacture of Ecodek wood polymer composite products is a carbon negative process. This is a bold claim but is one that has been independently verified and it underpins our ethos of pursuing sustainability in our design and manufacturing operations.

A life-cycle assessment undertaken by the BioComposites Centre of Bangor University considered the production of Ecodek products on a cradle to factory gate basis. This process accounted for all significant materials, transport, energy use and packaging inputs.

The results confirmed that the production of Ecodek had the net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it; a carbon negative product. It is a tremendous achievement in modern manufacturing and one that demonstrates our company’s environmental credentials.

What does this mean in practice? The Forestry Commission considers that an average tree locks up 2kg of C02 per year. By comparison, the Ecodek manufacturing process locks up the same amount of carbon as 300,000 trees every year.

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