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A background – Gorah Decking

Milton Keynes-based Gorah Decking is a specialist supplier and installer of wood composite decking to both trade and retail customers around the UK.

Owned and managed by Oliver Newell, who has over 25 years’ experience in the property renovation and maintenance industry, Gorah Decking is one of Ecodek’s most successful suppliers and installers.

The project

Based in Willen Lake, Milton Keynes, Gorah Decking’s customer had requested a new composite decked area and coordinating pergola. The new 3.6m by 3.6m deck was to replace an original timber decking and pergola, both of which had become rotten, making them unsightly and unsafe.

The solution was a new Ecodek wood polymer composite decked area. Unlike timber, composite decking requires no treatments to protect its surface or paints to improve its appearance. It’s durability and strength also mean it will last significantly longer than a timber alternative and as it needs only an occasional wash to keep it looking its best, it is extremely low maintenance.

The solution

Before installation of the new composite decking could start, Oliver had to remove the old timber decking and pergola. The customer also wanted to replace the original concrete supports which all had to be removed. Once complete, the installation could begin!

Oliver began by installing new wooden posts, using post savers to ensure they last at least 20 years, before adding a weed suppression membrane to prevent unwanted plants growing underneath the deck and causing potential damage to the structure. A base ‘MOT’ was also carried out to ensure the integrity of the foundation before fitting pedestals and Ecodek’s composite joists. The base was then ready for the installation of the composite decking boards.

The customer chose Ecodek’s Signature AT composite board in Slate Grey. This range features an innovative reversible decking board, with a ribbed finish on one side and a grooved surface on the other. With its wood-like appearance, Signature AT has all the beauty of timber but without its disadvantages. It has a slip resistant and splinter free surface which makes it safe and comfortable underfoot, whilst its rot resistant quality means it will last significantly longer than its PVC or wooden counterparts.

Once the decking was in place, Oliver began work on the new pergola. This was crafted from timber, but the customer wanted its colour to match that of their new composite decking. Oliver sourced a bespoke timber paint to ensure the new pergola perfectly harmonised with the Dark Grey of Ecodek’s Signature AT decking.

The entire project took only eight days to complete, just in time for the customer’s family wedding party, at which they wanted to use the new decked area as a dance floor and DJ area!

Overall, the customer was extremely happy with both the quality of their new decking and the workmanship from Oliver and Gorah Decking, and Ecodek looks forward to continuing this successful relationship long into the future.

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