How much decking do I need?

It can be quite difficult to work out exactly how much decking, and how many screws you need, which is why we have put together a simple-to-use composite decking calculator, which provides you with how many boards you will need and an indicative cost. This indicative cost is inclusive of VAT however does not include delivery charges. Please visit our shop to calculate your deck.

Please remember that our Heritage & Signature ranges are a screw-fixed system, whilst our Parks range is a clip-fixed system.

In addition to calculating how much decking you will need, our composite decking calculator will also calculate how many boxes of screws will be required for the deck. You can then add the exact amount of decking and the correlating number of screws directly into your basket.

Our composite decking calculator does not include bearers and pedestals, although you will be given the option of adding facia boards, decking joists and pedestals when you go through to the checkout.

Please note that this is only a guide price and we therefore recommend that you get in touch with a member of our team for a confirmed price and also to ensure that the calculations for your project are correct.

For further technical information, please visit our help & advice section.

How to measure how much decking you need

It really is simple! First, select your decking type from the drop-down menu where you will have a choice of four of our composite decking ranges. Then you just input the desired length and width of your deck, and our composite decking calculator does the rest!

You will be given an approximate deck size, as well as the number of boards required, and an estimated cost. There is also an option to include screws, where you will discover how many individual screws are needed, how many boxes, and again, the cost of the screws, followed by a total cost of both the decking boards and screws.

composite decking calculator