Best Fixing Choice For Composite Decking Systems

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The debate of screws vs hidden fixings has raged on for a long time in the decking trade and like with most subjects that are worth debating it seems as if everybody has a different opinion. Here at Ecodek we pride ourselves on our colour coated screws and the 25 year warranty that they provide when used with our boards. We believe that screws are vastly superior to hidden fixings and would like to take this opportunity to tell you why:

Screws Are Stronger

First and perhaps foremost Screws provide greater strength and stability than Hidden Fixings. You are likely familiar with the phrase ‘solid as a rock’, with the term ‘solid’ referring to the tough nature of the rock. You have likely also realised that the term ‘hollow’ is nowhere to be found in this phrase, this is due to the fact that hollow boards, that require Hidden Composite Decking Fixings, simply aren’t as strong as solid boards. The weak nature of a hollow board can be easily illustrated by the fact that they are unable to take Screws even if you want them to; this is because the force of the Screw being driven into the board would break the surface upon impact.

Hidden Composite Decking Fixings Are More Expensive

Perhaps equally as important is the fact that Hidden Fixings are considerably more expensive than Screws. At Ecodek we offer our colour coated stainless steel Screws at a fraction of the price you would be paying for a box of Hidden Fixings.

Screws Allow For Expansion & Contraction Due To Temperature Changes

Seasonal change in temperature can cause composite decking to expand and contract slightly and due to the fact that we are in Britain, this is something you can’t escape! By screwing down a board you are able to minimise the expansion and contraction to each bearer, allowing you to leave smaller end gaps. This is not the case with hidden fixings as larger end gaps are needed due to the boards expanding and contracting along each board length.

Hidden Fixings Equal Maintenance Issues

The smallest of maintenance issues on a hollow deck with hidden fixings can feel like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer!  For example, if you need to remove one board you will also need to remove all of the other boards surrounding it. But, have a deck installed with screws and all you need to do is remove the one board – magic!

Screws For The Win

All in all it is safe to say that in the debate of screws vs. hidden composite decking fixings there is only one clear winner and that is the screws. Hidden fixings are less durable, more expensive and difficult to install. Ecodek screws are colour coated so they are barely noticeable but still get the job done everytime.